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The ancestors of both the Parrish and the Heimbecker families have roots of milling grains in Canada.  The P & H Milling Group is a food products company with sales in Canada, the U.S.A. and internationally, with production facilities in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia.  

The P&H Milling Group is comprised of four divisions, each with their own area of specialty.  Functioning together as a nationally cohesive unit, we produce a diverse variety of products, known for their top quality, consistency and healthy source of nutrition.




Introducing the Dover Group:
In early 2009, P&H acquired the five flour mills of Dover Industries. Dover's tradition began a long time ago in 1807 - before Canada was Canada. From the beginning, quality, value and service have been Dover’s primary objectives.  P & H is very excited about the opportunities of serving flour customers across the country, and also providing specific wheat to Dover’s mills in Saskatoon, Cambridge, Acton, Montreal and Halifax.
1060 Fountain Street North Cambridge, ON N3E 0A1 Tel 519 650 6400 Fax 519 650 6429

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